Who would’ve ever guessed!

Even for those of you out there who believe smoking is wrong bla bla bla well I’m sure even you have heard of the cigarette called Marlboro. ¬†I remember as a kid Marlboro looked like the tough bad ass cowboy cigarette. If you smoked that you were a true man is how they made it seem. For my entire life I would never have even thought that maybe just maybe was this cowboy cigarette designed for WOMEN!

In 1924 when Marlboro was first launched by Phillip Morris the cigarette originated as a women’s line for cigarettes based on the slogan ” Mild as May.” Originally Marlboro cigarettes had a red band around the filter to appeal to women that wore lipstick. This allowed women to smock without ruining their lipstick. The motto for this was ” Beauty Tips to Keep the Paper from Your Lips.”

I thought this was pretty cool personally. I guess the saying behind ever good man is an even better women is sort of true here. Since behind this good cigarette from men , really began as a great cigarette for women. After the 1950s Morris decided to change the cigarettes and gear it towards men. Why? Money making my friend. Cigarettes were just recently linked to lung cancer at the time and filtered cigarettes were suppose to be less risky then unfiltered. As men were facing the dilemma of wanting to switch to filtered cigarettes but didn’t want to be seen smoking a women’s cigarette Morris charged in with a solution that made Marlboro infamous!

He changed the color of the filters, dropped the campaign towards women whom smoke and targeted the male population instead. By doing this Marlboro became the ultimate male cigarette, the campaign with the Cowboy and the true american look brought in tons of customers of the male gender. So I suppose you can use the theory that behind everything male is female . hahaha ūüôā